Antles Pollen Supplies Inc. | Pioneers in the field of Controlled Pollination

Antles Pollen Supplies Inc. | Pioneers in the field of Controlled Pollination

Our Mission

To supply growers of various tree-fruit and nut crops with an ever-expanding body of knowledge, products, services, and technology to improve the processes of pollination and fertilization.

What We Do

We consider ourselves the oldest pollen company in existence and the most savvy in the industry. Founded in 1929 by Leo Antles, Antles Pollen Supplies Inc. has led the way in developing and refining the cultural practice of controlled pollination in tree-fruit, nut, and seed crops. Antles supplies controlled pollination products and technology ranging from high-quality horticultural pollens and supplies to pollen application units and patented Vericet brand pollination enhancement products.

The Vericet Brand

Vericet provides vital nutrition where you need it and when you need it to enhance fruit and nut set in commercially grown crops.

During bloom, pollination takes place when live pollen lands on a receptive stigma. No flowering crop is set without pollination. But as important as this event is, it can result in no real effect if it is not followed by vigorous pollen tube growth and fertilization. These processes can be hampered by insufficient levels of key nutrients in the tissues of the flower where the pollen tube grows. This potentially devastating pitfall was the inspiration for Vericet.

Vericet supplies these nutrients at the proper place and time, enabling the pollen tube to grow at its best, and the ovary to be at its most receptive in order to complete fertilization and fruit/nut set.

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  • Improving fruit set quality
  • Correcting poor pollination timing
  • Increasing germination rate & vigor of the pollen in your orchard
  • Boosting impact of the honey bee colonies
  • Post-pollination fertility for set retention
  • The next generation of pollen enhancement products under development

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